Budget Account

What is the Budget Scheme?

What is the Budget Scheme?

Modern living involves the payment of all kinds of bills, such as gas, electricity, road tax etc. Using the Credit Union Budget Account service, for a fee of €35 per member annually along with other terms and conditions for the service, our members can remove the burden of having to remember to pay these bills and save themselves the time and inconvenience involved in making individual payments.

How does it work?

You decide which regular bills you want to include in the budget plan, you estimate how much each bill will be over the twelve-month period and total them up. Members are advised to over-budget a little in case of emergencies and increases they may incur with the cost of some bills. Divide the total by 52 if paying weekly or by 12 if paying monthly. Direct Debits are also available for paying bills including utility bills like ESB and Eircom. If there are any surplus funds at the end of the year they are refunded to the member.

The Benefits of operating a budget account:

Peace of mind. Hassle Free

Spread the cost over 12 months

Manage your money better

Pay your bills on time, from one place, automatically

Helps you manage any debt

Become a better saver and much more

It costs nothing to chat with a member of our budgeting team to discuss the benefits of opening a Budget Account and the terms and conditions around the account. You can download a Budget Account Form or call in to collect a form from our office, complete and return with the required Documentation. Our budgeting team will review your application and will contact you.

Phone: (01) 835 1177

Email: info@ashbournecu.ie


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